April 25


The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur

I met an entrepreneur this past Friday. He started out in IT.

We got talking about his first startup.

Turns out he got a C&D letter from Facebook, because his new platform for creatives ended in the word “BOOK”.

He called the attorney on the letter CERTAIN that it must be some simple mistake.

No consumer would be confused. After all, his startup’s brand didn’t sound or look anything like Facebook!

They couldn’t possible exclude everyone from using the word “book” as part of a brand.

When the attorney for Facebook answered the phone, he got right to the point.

He said he had a $50 million budget for litigation, without having to go back and ask Facebook for approval,
and he asked what this entrepreneur’s budget was…

My new friend was LUCKY!


Usually a C&D letter comes AFTER the startup is getting good traction in the marketplace.

Sometime, real, tangible success is just within an entrepreneur’s grasp!

Then, BOOM!

The loss of momentum is the biggest COST!

He changed the startup’s brand…
… and made it better and more distinctive.

So, yes, he was Lucky!

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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