March 5


Why Register Your Copyright

Oracle was awarded $36 million in copyright-related damages, $29 million in attorney’s fees, and $3.4 million in taxable costs in a case heard by the Supreme Court of the United States.
Why was it awarded fees and costs?
Oracle prevailed in a copyright infringement lawsuit for its registered copyrights.
Under copyright law, a copyright owner of a registered copyright may recover fees and certain costs (taxable costs) associated with enforcing its copyright against an infringer, if the registration was filed properly, within the time allotted.
This is super important reason for registering your copyrights.
Consider the escalating costs of attorneys’ fees in IP litigation. 
It could cost you $200,000 in fees, easily, for even a simple copyright litigation.
Wouldn’t it be great to have the infringer pay your lawyer’s fees?
You’ll want to make sure that your copyright in your “works of authorship” are properly registered within the time limits provided under the statute.

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