"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches"


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Chris Paradies

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Paradies Law P.A. can help you to make sound decisions and to protect your most valuable asset, your good name. Our legal professionals analyze due diligence searches, prepare and file state, federal and foreign applications and respond to copyright, trademark and patent offices on your behalf. 

Our services include all areas of intellectual property, entertainment law, hospitality law and corporate formation. We will help you to build the value of your business and to keep your good name untarnished. 

Your brand identifies you to your customers as the source of goods or services.  The type of intellectual property that directly protects your brand is referred to as a trademark, commonly. Intellectual property counsel will tell you that trademarks are for identifying the source of goods and service marks are for identifying the source of services. In addition, design patents can protect ornamental designs on products, and trade dress protects your unique presentation of goods and services, such as packaging of products or a distinctive appearance for restaurants. Copyrights can protect designs, artwork and advertising copy. It is important to learn the differences and similarities among design patents, trade dress, copyright and trademarks. How are they used and why? When should a small business start using these devices? When and where should these types of devices be registered and in what international class?  All of these questions need to be answered long before you sell a product or service. Chris Paradies makes the IP master class available at a very reasonable price for new, growing and seasoned businesses. Join at IPmasterclass.com


What is trade dress? Why is it important to you, even if you provide a service? Distinctiveness! An original customer experience is distinctive, and a distinctive customer experience can be a type of IP. The decor, promotional materials, website, social media, all of these add up to trade dress.  Go to IPmasterclass.com for more information.


Trademark Knock-out Searches

This video training walks you step-by-step through a trademark knock-out search using the USPTO database. Learn tips and tricks that you can use to conduct your own knock-out search.