Billing & Invoicing

Pay securely online using the payment button provided in our electronic invoice delivered by email. Choose either the E-Check tab for secure ACH bank transfer or the Credit Card tab. See examplebelow. 

Paradies® law doesn't have an accounting back office that looks to maximize recovery from the number of billable hours spent by a team of associates and a "supervising" shareholder, as you'll find in some biglaw firms. Instead, I set fair, flat fees for legal services, and our accounting team includes just myself and my docketing clerk. We send our invoices before work is completed in almost every matter. So, you know, in advance, exactly how much you'll pay for a particular service. (If Paradies® law bills you after work is complete, pay what the work was worth to you, and I'll write-off any unpaid balance.) 

I know you're busy. So, our terms of service (i.e. engagement letter) is attached to each invoice. You agree to these terms by payment of the invoice, after receiving the fees and costs. Until Paradies® law receives payment, I can't be sure that you've agreed to the specified fees and terms. So, I start work on prepaid flat fees after receiving payment and agreement on terms.  

Our electronic invoices are sent by email. Invoices are nearly always payable upon receipt; therefore, if you miss the "invoice ready for payment" email, then you'll receive "payment overdue" reminders. That's OK. Pay the invoice when you are ready for Paradies® law to start the work.

It's easy to pay securely, online, too. Just click the button in the email. You'll redirect to a window like the one shown at the right with an "echeck" tab (i.e. ACH bank transfers) and a credit card tab. You can pay the old fashioned way, by paper check, to Paradies® law, P.O. Box 20393, Tampa, FL 33622. If your invoice is more than $5000.00, then mail us a check. If possible, pay any amount under $5000.00 by echeck. Payment by echeck speeds up the process of applying funds to your account.