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Chris Paradies has been recognized by his peers as among one of the best lawyers in copyright law for many years. 

Copyrights are important intellectual property (IP) assets.

The long term of copyrights and the automatic nature of copyright protection make this type of IP the most common of all of the types of IP.  

Paradies® intellectual property law services provides assistance and advice relating to registration of copyrights in "works of authorship", which is an important step in making sure that your rights are protected fully.

Copyright law is the easiest and least expensive way to take down an infringing, knock-off website, and it should be available to you as part of your IP action plan to protect your company's valuable IP.

Registering your copyright has many benefits: presumed ownership, attorneys' fees and statutory damages being among the most important benefits of registration of your copyright at


An author owns rights in a work of authorship, unless:

  • the author is an employee working within the scope of employment for an employer;
  • the author is working within the scope of a written work made for hire agreement executed before the work was created AND the work of authorship is a type allowed to be covered by a work made for hire under the Copyright Act; or
  • the author signed a valid assignment.

If you have had anyone create an original work of authorsip, and one of the above does not apply, then, someone else owns the copyright in the work, even if you paid for it to be created.

It doesn't matter if you thought you owned the copyright. These three ways are the ONLY ways in the U.S. for ownership in a copyrighted work to be transferred, outside of an estate after death of the author or other court ordered transfer.


An owner of a copyright has the right to license any of the bundle of rights owned. In some cases, a court may determine that some of the rights have been licensed by an implied license; however, it is best to document any license in a written agreement, reviewed by counsel.  

Paradies® law can prepare written licenses, and our professionals have experience reviewing and negotiating license rights.


We often assist companies in filing copyrights in software. This is a complicated endeavor, but we have created a process that helps to eliminate much of the confusion. To have us file a copyright in software for you, complete the form by clicking the button below.

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