Business owners need trusted iP counsel with the experience to quickly understand their business and the knowledge to protect their valuable iP. 

Our team of intellectual property professionals combine the latest technology, decades of experience, and teamwork to provide you with the advice you need and the services you deserve. 

Patent & Trade Secrets

Patents and trade secrets are sometimes thought of as opposite sides of a coin. 

A patent gives the owner a period of exclusivity for some types of inventions, but only after a proper, formal disclosure of the invention and review of the owners claims for patentability.

Trade secrets protect against misappropriation of certain types of information, but only if reasonable measures are taken to keep it secret. 


Trademarks protect valuable brands and can last forever.

A company's brands accrue 'good will' over time, which can become very valuable as the number of people that recognize the brand and its ability to drive sales and profits grows. 

However, every brand starts out with no value, and it can take time to grow the value. Fortunately, trademarks can help by protecting the value of your company's brands. 


Copyrights are inexpensive to own, and timely registration gives owners valuable rights. Copyright is the easiest to enforce, not necessarily requiring the hiring of lawyers to take effective action to stop copyright infringement. 

Copyright only protects creative expression, but it's not only for artists, photographers, authors and designers. Every company benefits by owning & registering its copyrights in the creative works that bring value to the business.

about us

Learn more about our team and how we help you grow your business.

We're located in Tampa, Florida, but our reach is global. Chris Paradies is a U.S. registered patent attorney and Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney. He founded Paradies® law to help innovative and creative business owners grow their business safely using intellectual property. Owning intangible property, and having the right intellectual property protection, keeps your company safe and creates wealth. 

You'll be working directly with Chris and Eileen Spencer, an international IP paralegal. Paradies law has developed and maintains a network of foreign counsel around the globe too. We focus on helping you own & protect valuable ideas, information, know-how, brands, inventions and creative works in the U.S., but our worldwide relationships make it easy to extend your rights to other countries and regions too.


Discover our difference

At Paradies® law, we think differently. Too many law firms focus on providing IP law services rather than focusing on helping you grow your business. Other law firms might say you need some type of IP without explaining how it adds value, but Paradies® law helps you to identify your most valuable 'intangible' property, or 'iP', before helping you understand how intellectual property law may be used to protect your iP and grow the value of your business. 

That's also why we offer reasonable flat fees for our services. That's why Chris Paradies created the iPscaling® program, which allows innovative and creative business owners to save thousands while still protecting the iP that really matters. Your investment in intellectual property should provide a return on investment, just like every other investment you make in your business. You can find out more about  the iPscaling® program by clicking on this link:

By choosing Paradies® law, you'll benefit from our experienced team of IP professionals that know how to work together to bring your business value. Eileen Spencer has worked with Chris at two larger law firms before following him to Paradies® law in 2013. Our experience and teamwork is unmatched and offers you unmatched value. 

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